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I'm blogging every day in May, for no particular reason other than I can. I've come up with 31 topics and I'm going to bash on my keyboard about each of them. You can find them here every day or sign up to get an email with them (scroll down). If you enjoy them then you're welcome; if you don't, then why are you still here?

If you're remotely interested in how the Internet is affecting how people perceive stuff to have happened then there's an article you should definitely be reading over on Buzzfeed.

It's all about how left-wing sites like The Canary and 'Another Angry Voice' are shaping a certain section of the Internet with their 'anti-Right' coverage, how they're very effectively making use of Facebook's algorithm to keep people in a bubble, and provoking the inevitable thought about what will happen should the country not find itself swept with socialism on 9 June.

I make an effort to follow media I don't agree with. During the last general election, I realised that somehow my social media had become significantly more left-wing than I am and this time round I'm noticing that perhaps I took it a little bit too far the other way.

But that's not a bad thing: because I like seeing stuff I disagree with and, although like every other human I'm constantly trying to look at the reasons why it's the article that's wrong not me, I think it's healthy to be challenged on what you think regularly.

While everything has its place (and if you enjoy The Canary then I'm very happy for you) what concerns me about many of these sites is their 'logic jumps'. Some of them are necessary to make headlines which will get clicks, but other times it's really hard to see how the evidence (and often it is very well backed up evidence) presented can end up in the place it does unless the intention was to get there.

Journalism doesn't have to be completely impartial - it can take a line, it can present a story in a certain way or influence how quotes are presented - all the while presenting both sides, but what The Canary et al do seems to me to be more than that.

It's spoon-feeding fully formed thoughts, rather than provoking them through (albeit, perhaps biased) writing - and that isn't where I want the world to go to be honest.

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#BEDM17 Something you should read
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