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#Election2017: Wow, I was right

00:25 So it turns out my last post might have been something like accurate, and if I'm honest I never expected to be even remotely based in reality.

I thought I was having some kind of politics overdose nightmare.

A snap poll called for political gain by someone overly confident they know the result anyway is definitely a bad move, it'd seem.

This election was essentially a Brexit utopia versus a socialist utopia, with problems kicked away and dismissed on both sides. An over-stage-managed Tory campaign seems to mean the British public has once again said 'nah, we're OK thanks'.

If the exit poll is correct then tomorrow then wrangling will begin. Not something that's likely to endear anyone to politics and engaging in the topic, even if it produces something near what 'the people' have said they want through the ballot box.

The alternative is another election, and aside from 'sweating the assets' of the local councils' election departments, that's definitely not a good thing.

What is surprising is that there's rumours we haven't prepared for the result which was entirely predictable, but wasn't thought possible.

Now, where's my coffee...

#Election2017: Wow, I was right
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